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Sitback playlist – Wat draaiden wij in 2021 in de huiskamer

Lp's. Langspeelplaten of records Misschien heb je het al gemerkt. Wij zijn thuis liefhebber van de ouderwetse langspeelplaten. Met een echt goede platenspeler en een goede stereo-installatie krijg je een ongeëvenaarde muziekervaring. Gelukkig heb ik mijn metalplatencollectie uit de midjaren 80 van de vorige eeuw nooit weggedaan. Zo zie je maar weer. Wat goed is komt altijd weer terug. Momenteel is het een hype geworden. De weinige platenwinkels draaien er goed op. Kan ook niet…

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From the Fault – A lotta of self made Mini Disc recordings of my favorite ‘stoner rock’ bands.

Which you can find now on youtube to listen at. Have fun. Whohow time flies man. Back in the time I and my babe Esther went to loads of live concerts. Most of them were so called 'Stoner rock" concerts. Lately I discovered all of my old Mini Dics. Do you know what a MD is? Hahaha. It is still is an amazing sound system in my opinion. The discs still sound amazing after all…

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First album of 2020 that catches my attention. Foot – The balance of nature shifted

Foot - The balance of nature shifted Yes, Finally a new album I can play all day long. That gets me excited again. Foot is a new name for me. Luckily I came across of a review of their recent 2020 album called The balance of nature shifted. This is the kind of music why I got fan of Kyuss and all other bands back in the good time. Cool vibes, positive energy, the perfect…

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Analogue photos of Kyuss live at Dynamo Open Air 1994

Kyuss Those were the days. Attending the metal festival in the south of the Netherlands called Dynamo Open Air. Been there many times. And what a great time it was. almost every band had it’s own recognizable sound. The first few notes and you knew what band was playing. In 1994 I was at DOA with my Canon AE1 mirror reflex camera. I sneeked that sucker within my backpack. At the entrance the ‘security’ looked…

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Sitback Back to the roots 06 – Kyuss – Green Machine

Back to the roots. When getting slightly 'older' you will see that the albums you played in your younger years are still the best. I play all kind of music. But mostly metal or rock. During the 80's en 90' we had Thrash metal. After a while you have seen that, heard that. Nothing new. Got boring. Exept Metallica and Slayer. And now? Watched that metal video show on MTV. Same old shit. But then…

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