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Sitback Back to the roots 06 – Kyuss – Green Machine

Back to the roots. When getting slightly ‘older’ you will see that the albums you played in your younger years are still the best.

I play all kind of music. But mostly metal or rock. During the 80’s en 90′ we had Thrash metal. After a while you have seen that, heard that. Nothing new. Got boring. Exept Metallica and Slayer. And now?

Watched that metal video show on MTV. Same old shit. But then there was light. They played a band called Kyuss with the song Green Machine. Whohoooooow. What’s this. What a fucking great sound. So heavy but then also much groove. A wall of sound. Man I was hooked. Hooked for life. A band playing this ubercool riff just out in the desert. What an image. I loved it. Kyuss has become my number 1 favorite band all time. I can play their music all day long. Love all their tunes. Pfff just push that play button. Be aware, you might get hooked too šŸ™‚

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