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From the Fault – A lotta of self made Mini Disc recordings of my favorite ‘stoner rock’ bands.

Which you can find now on youtube to listen at. Have fun.

Whohow time flies man. Back in the time I and my babe Esther went to loads of live concerts. Most of them were so called ‘Stoner rock” concerts. Lately I discovered all of my old Mini Dics. Do you know what a MD is? Hahaha. It is still is an amazing sound system in my opinion. The discs still sound amazing after all these years. All of them.

"What a great time we had begin this century. The hayday of stoner rock"

– Esther and El Larso –

Those MD’s were just laying around in a dark space. Doing nothing. I went through them and discovered many live recordings I made with my precious portable Sony Mini Disc recorder. I had a stereo microphone which I had to put in my ears to record the sounds. Just like an earphone haha. And guess what? They sound very good I must say. But beware, it’s not optimal. Sometimes the band plays that hard so the microphone can not handle the volume etc.

I adjusted the sound with eq, tube compressor and loudness optimize. Just as far as I think the sound is way much better than the original Mini Disc recordings. I hope you like it too. All recording were done by myself.

To start of . You can find four live recordings on YouTube of Queens of The Stone Age, Dozer, Karma to Burn and High on Fire. Those four I already converted back in those days. And I found others like Nebula, Unida, Candybar Planet, Roadsaw, Goatsnake and Celestial Season. Now I first have to convert these recordings from Mini Disc to Mp3 320. But how in 2020? Gonna have to look into that now.

It was and is just having fun and a hobby. No monetizing for me. I don’t want to earn money of these great bands.
All copyrights are with the bands.

Head over to their bandcamp page and support the band directly

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