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Analogue photos of Kyuss live at Dynamo Open Air 1994


Those were the days. Attending the metal festival in the south of the Netherlands called Dynamo Open Air. Been there many times. And what a great time it was. almost every band had it’s own recognizable sound. The first few notes and you knew what band was playing.

In 1994 I was at DOA with my Canon AE1 mirror reflex camera. I sneeked that sucker within my backpack. At the entrance the ‘security’ looked inside my rucksack and all was ok haha. Lucky me. All was relaxed back at the time. If you compare that with nowadays. Relatively speaking.

"Man, what was I stoked that day to see Kyuss live finally. Short but so cool"

– El Larso –

Well ok, I was there to see Kyuss live for the first time live ever. I enjoyed their sound immensely. The wall of sound that I love was there. And I took some photos with my sturdy camera during the concert at DOA. Cool to have or what? The only minor thing was that Kyuss stopped the show abruptly after a half a hour of playing. I guess they didn’t like the stage monitor sound or what so ever haha. Kyuss just left the stage after destroying their drumset. Kyuss hey …

Months later we would see Kyuss live once again in Tivoli in Utrecht. That was in februari 1995. Man what a concert. One of the best in my live. And than they broke up. Yep…

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