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First album of 2020 that catches my attention. Foot – The balance of nature shifted

Foot – The balance of nature shifted

Yes, Finally a new album I can play all day long. That gets me excited again. Foot is a new name for me. Luckily I came across of a review of their recent 2020 album called The balance of nature shifted.

This is the kind of music why I got fan of Kyuss and all other bands back in the good time. Cool vibes, positive energy, the perfect groove and killer riffs. And above all of that a great singer. I’m just having lots of fun. Ha! What can we whish more for. This albums gives me good energy.

Just call me an old fart haha. But man the state of metal or hard music in 2020 gets me ‘despressed’. Every week I try to dive into the new metal bands of all sort of genres (don’t get me started). And every time I think I must be living in a parallel world. Do all these people enjoy their own music and life? Do they want to kill them self? Nah.. But hey, where is the fun? The jokes? Why be so über-serious?

What ever I try to listen to sounds the same. Same guitar sound, same drums, same overall sound. Low tuning. No riffs or melodies. And a ‘singer’ who tries to empty his own low life experiences on me. Who cares man. Deal with it. Wear your wounds. Anyways, I have no hope for the metal genre as it is now sounding. Back in the hay day of thrash etc. Yes, when I grew up. Every band had its own distinctive sound. Play the first song of an album and everybody could tell what band it was. Try that in 2020. Want to do that? Get over to Spotify or what ever music streaming service and find the new metal songs playlist. Two out of 10 are good hahaha.

Anyway, Foot sounds energetic and ‘positive’. Songs about hope etc. Just what I need during a heatwave and Covid 19. Shoegaze, psychedelic, stoner and doom. All you can find on their new release. They remind me slightly of Novadriver. Rock hard.

Head over to their bandcamp page and support the band directly

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