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Sitback playlist – The choice of music of Sitback. Jazz en Metal…

Well there you have it. What is Sitback playing during work time? To be honest. Everything. A song is good or bad. Overall I like playing metal and jazz the most.

Hahaha Metal and Jazz you say? Yep, that’s right. It’s just like that.
And not that strange or weird at all. I can play a vinyl record of Ornette Coleman and people get nuts about it. Just like for example playing an old Napalm Death song. They just don’t get the song structures of it hahaha.

But overal I just play Jazz because I get calm down by listening to it. I can work perfect listening to most of Jazz genres. The cool part is. When playing Jazz vinyl records their sound mostly is overwhelmingly good. The soundstage of old jazz classics is phenomenal. Everytime I put on a Jazz record it amazes me what a sound wizzards they had back at the time. Anyway just check out some cool Jazz records on spotify. You wil be blown away.

You can read my other metal part over here

Dig it…

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