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FPV Drone footage shot by Lars during vacation in Austria

Let’s do it. As a family we just went to Austria for our two weeks vacation. And man how beautiful it was. We did all kinds of cool stuff like hiking, ‘mountain climbing’, swimming, sun bathing, fishing, shopping etc. But ofcourse I took my fpv drones with me. As you probably know or have noticed. I’m a drone enthousiast. Building, soldering en flying my own drones. Freestyle drones that is. On this page here you can watch some fpv footage I shot this year in Austria.

I do own a RDW exploitatienumber, did an online course for the open sub category A1 and A3. And I own an European recognized Drone certificate. And just to be safe. I went to the police station and asked for the specific drone rules. I do know we have European drone legislation. And guess what, that’s what the policemen at this station came up with. A nice print I got from them. So let’s ripp then.

This was the first time ever I flew in a scenery with this big kind of mountains. I had to adapt the first few days. How far up can I fly? How would the people react? What will the drone do when flying back with the antenna at the end now? I was careful. And you can see that in some of the first movies. I still was testing. After all 98% of the people did like my drones. And that’s a good sign. Everyday I improved my flying in Austria.

"Austria is a dream for fpv drone flying"

– Lars –

The second week I was confident enough to fly on even higher grounds. Look at the this movie: FPV in Austria – Zillertaler Höhenstraße part 2. That was a dream come true. All those years learning to master FPV came together in this flight.

Sometimes, unfortunately, in all my enthusiasm I forgot to check my drone properly. And changed my props too late. I got yello. Shit happens. I still like what I see ha! A big lesson for me. Always use new props when filming is this kind of beautiful landscape.





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