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Sitback Back to the roots 07 – Neurosis – Locust Star

Back to the roots. When getting slightly ‘older’ you will see that the albums you played in your younger years are still the best.

I play all kind of music. But mostly metal or rock. During the 80’s en 90′ we had Thrash metal. After a while you have seen that, heard that. Nothing new. Got boring. Exept Metallica and Slayer. And now?

Then I came across Kyuss (wow) and other bands like that. And fortunately I also checked out a band called Neurosis. Saw this video on TV and also heard their song called Eye. Man what can I say. Best thing that happened to me after Slayer, Metallica and Kyuss. Neurosis is one of my top 3 favotrite bands ever. Can’t play them always. But when I do their songs always do something to me. It’s this immense huge wall of sound of ‘simple’ and effective riffs with amazing soundscapes. I always think this is the best soundtrack to Apocalypse Now Redux.

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