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Sitback playlist – The future of heavy metal. APMD.

Well here you have it. What is Sitback playing during work time? To be honest. Everything. A song is good or bad. Overall I like playing metal and jazz the most.

Been there, done that, heard it all. I guess you know what I’m talking about or what? Like said in previous posts I grew up listening to Heavy Metal. And thrash metal was my favorite genre. It started in the mid 80’s and lasted 10 years long. The music was all fresh, fast and cool. Never heard before riffs and guitar and drum techniques. Metal was underground and dissident. Then in the end of the 90’s all was becoming dull. Riffs and sounds were ruminated. And I lost interest in thrash metal and Heavy Metal. But hey, ofcourse I was playing Slayer and Metallica though. Those never get old. Till this day ha!

Anyway, I discovered stoner metal and later on bands like Neurosis. That was the trick for me. Heavy as fuck.

And here it comes.
Last couple of years I think there are some bands that saved that übercool feeling listenig to metal for me. One of these bands is APMD. All Pigs Must Die. Amongst others are Baptists, Converge, Gust, Amen Ra, IZAH, Livstid, The Secret and Wear Your Wounds. They crush. Most of them originate from hardcore metal or have hardcore metal roots. Listening to APMD gives me that exact same feeling when I was listening to a new Slayer album the first time back then. Getting exited and want to mosh. Hahaha. You just have to check them out. I think these bands are the future of metal.

Lucky me. I’ve got to see them playing live twice now. In de Baroeg in Rotterdam and at Roadburn. What a war machine…

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