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Our VISUO XS809HW drone has a broken motor after 11 flights

Our Cool VISUO XS809HW drone won’t fly anymore. Until I get hold of this tiny gear. Yes I know. This is a cheap clone of a DJI Mavic. Got it for a very nice price on Banggooddotcom. And yes, I got inspired by all those promoted videos of this drone sponsored by Banggood. Over here in The Netherlands it sells locally for about Euro 70,-. I bought this drone to learn to fly a drone. Start small they all say. And boy what a blast it is/was to fly this drone. When it arrived I could use it straight out of the box. Very cool. We made in total 11 flights. Almost got it smooth flying this drone. After the last landing we wanted to take off again. But it didn’t. It spined around its axle. After long inspection I found there was a small, tiny gear missing on one of the motors. It’s cheap, but not that cheap I think. This should not be happening. Not at all and not this fast. I think it’s a shame. I found several other youtube movies dealing with the same issue. Anyways, I’m gonna try to find a new tiny gear and hope it will fly again. Because I love this cool VISUO XS809HW drone. Until then, fasten those gears with glue or what?

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