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All Pigs Must Die (APMD) at Roadburn 2018 live in de Koepelhal

After years I’ve been to Roadburn once again. And I must say, like Jacob Bannon during the WYW show said: “This is not a festival, it’s a happening”. He’s Right. I loved it. Anyway, I just went to see All Pigs Must Die that day. And lucky me. I also watched Wear Your Wounds destroy the Koepelhal. A band with three gitarists. What can go wrong? Nothing. What a show. Back to APMD. I’ve seen them in de Baroeg last year. And now at Roadburn. They always make me smile. What a wall of chaos. What an energy. But structured chaos you won’t see that a lot nowadays. Just what I needed after all the doom and drone this day. Blowed me away. I took my old Nexus N6 mobile phone a shot some pictures and photographs during this show. Not much. Snippets that is. I Hope you like these snippets. The rest of the songs I just enjoyed listening and banging. And Doh, I do not have a selfie stick for fucks sake. So mind the wobbling sometimes. It’s my long arm ha!. All was filmed with my mobile phone. It keeps me amazing what it can handle. Rock Hard

1) A Caustic Vision / Pulverization
2) Slave Morality
3) Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey

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