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Flying FPV Acro near the old highway A27 in Hilversum

Some weeks ago we went out in the nature to take a walk in the woods. I took my drone with me. I knew the children would love playing on the sand walls. Ha! I'm still a beginner flying ACRO. So I did crash my drone again haha. Unfortunately you can see the after effect. I have the yello effect in this footage again. I guess one of the props is bent. Anyway, we had…

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My first real fpv acro flight that I’m actually liking

Flying acro with my precious Martian II drone. Finally. I'm still a rookie in Acro mode. But I like it. It took me some time. I had several bad ass failsafes, funny crashes, broken buzzers, defect motors and a too dark camera. But hey here I am. Finally all looks fine now. Changing to a new Foxeer Monster Mini camera did the trick. Now I can fly and see where I am all the time.…

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Epic Drone Crashes 2018 – Self caused by me haha

While editing our summer vacation family film I noticed a lot of funny drone crashes that I made. More than I can remember haha. Anyway, I put them all together is this short movie. I hope you enjoy those fantastic drone crashes. All was made while flying line of sight with my FPV drone weeks ago. These take outs where made during our vacation in the Czech Republic this summer. Have fun. Let's rip. Oh…

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Sitback uit Kortenhoef is weer in de lucht. Vakantie was mooi.

Let's rip. Een term uit het FPV drone wereldje. FPV staat voor First Person View. Machtig mooi en meteen ook mijn huidige nieuwe hobby. Maak ik meteen gebruik van. Kortom... Sitback Freelance Reclame Studio is weer aan het werk. Is terug in de lucht. En hoe. Na een fantastische vakantie midden in de Tsjechische natuur kan Sitback er weer volledig tegen aan. Lars is weer te boeken. En u weet het. Sitback wijkt in zijn…

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FPV Line of Sight – Rookie mode

As seen in previous drone videos on this channel, I'm in the process of learning to fly my FPV racing drone. So far so good. Flying Line of Sight is no problem now. Shifting borders every time. In this video I mainly fly towards the camera for fun. And made a burst. Next time I will use my new gadget. A GoPro session 5.

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Learning to fly my drone Martian II

Just kiddin'. This looks cool, but my skills are nothing yet. Can't fly Acro at all . I'm a beginner and learning to fly the drone now. Flying facing towards me cracks my brain haha. Anyway, everyday improving. All was filmed with my telephone just before sunset. Lot's of grain. It's is what it is....

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Our VISUO XS809HW drone has a broken motor after 11 flights

Our Cool VISUO XS809HW drone won’t fly anymore. Until I get hold of this tiny gear. Yes I know. This is a cheap clone of a DJI Mavic. Got it for a very nice price on Banggooddotcom. And yes, I got inspired by all those promoted videos of this drone sponsored by Banggood. Over here in The Netherlands it sells locally for about Euro 70,-. I bought this drone to learn to fly a drone.…

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