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Sitback werkt Europees. Voor Cracauer 66 uit Duitsland

You’ve got that right. Sitback operates over the Dutch borders also. We love to work with European partners.

Since the start of Sitback, I always had some european customers so now and then. Mostly from Sweden, and now Germany too. And I love it. It’s the benefit of working as a graphical designer in 2018. Everything is digital. Most of the communication is by e-mail or Telegram messenger. And graphic files are easy to be transported by wetransfer or even by e-mail.

A couple of months I made some cool designs for the grant opening of Cracauer 66 – Das Haus für Gesundheit und gutes Leben. They hail from Magdeburg in Germany. A city worth visiting when you’re nearby Berlin the next time.

I got the question to design some items. This time around it was about three flyers to promote the opening and some spare rooms. Also advertising for their entrepreneurs and the courses.

The designs went back and forth as a correction pdf by e-mail. After the final approval I made the High Resolution PDF’s for their local printer and send them off by e-mail. That kind of work flow is amazing and I love it.

And I must say, this printer delivered outstanding work. High class printing.

Please visit Cracauer66’s website

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